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Sodium metabisulfite

1. Product description:
English name: Sodium Pyrosulfite;sodium pyrosulfite
CAS No.: 7681-57-4
Molecular formula: Na2S2O5
Molecular weight: 190.09
Density 1.48。
White acicular crystal with strong SO2 odor. Slightly soluble in alcohol. Melting point is 150℃.
2. Uses:
Sodium metabisulfite can be widely used in pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, in bleaching leather, fabric and organic matter, or as mordant in printing and dyeing industry, etc.
3. Sodium metabisulfite:

Item Index
Content Na2S2O5% > 98
SO2% > 66
Thiosulfate S2O3% ≤0.04
Iron Fe % ≤0.0005
Heavy metal Pb % ≤0.001

4. Hazardous characteristics:
Strong reducing property.
5. Notes:
Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Keep the container airtight. Separate from oxidants, acids, and edible chemicals.

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